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At techyuga we give chip level service for any laptop brand or PC. We assemble, we dismantle, we fix any issue of your laptop and PC no matter what the brand is.


At TechYuga we fix broken smartphone screen, if your phone is having heating issue we cool it down, if the battery is giving problem we haul it we are one stop shop for any issue with your device.

printers and accessories

Printer not working? Xbox is all boxed up? or PS4 has Permanently Stopped? Or Wi-Fi is not willing to work? Or your Router has gone rouge? Or other accessories is giving you hard time we are here to smooth things out for you.


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Aap logo ka sukriya mera pura PC systems upgrade karne ke liye. As a hardcore gamer mujhko problems toh hotey the thode bahut lekin aap logo ne jabse mera PC upgrade kar diya hay problems toh hay hi nai lekin PC fast bhi ho geya hay. Thanks.
Faisal Ali
Thanks to Pritam for informing about my laptop being affected by worms and my data is getting compromised and thank you for fixing it and also providing me with a good anti-virus.
Pooja Chakroborty
Aap logo ka service seriously la jawaab hay. And big thanks to Suman ke utne raat ko aa ke mera PC le janey ke liye and next day phir wapas le aane ke liye. Thank you guys.
Sanjay Bihani
Sotti erom service sobai diley desh er bhol paalte jeto. Chaliye jaao tomra.
Sandip Chowdhury
Tomader ke je ki boley dhonnobaad janabo bujhe paina etodin dhore dekhchi tomader kokhono disappoint koroni sotti puro office er pc setup within 3 days? Ki kore je koro tomra bujhe paina. Anyways thanks a lot.
Rishabh Dutta
Rohit you are the bomb, you fixed my Smartphone, I have all my contact saved in my phone if you didn’t helped me that day I would have lost all of them and now I am following your advice keeping all my contacts saved in Cloud.
Rina Maiti
Hey Pritam thanks for your help and being so patient with me. After you cleaned my PC it is faster now. Thank you.
Avirup Bagchi
Amar chele porey class 8 e naturally school er theke project work assignment ei shob charao prottek mashie oder ekta report ditey hoy jetar number add hoy oder xam er sathe. Ei report deoar thik agerdin ratre oor Laptop ta hang korte korte puroi bondho hoye gelo restart er porey khubi slow cholchilo. Kintu thanks to you people sei din raatey jodi na aste oor onekta khoti hoye jeto studies e . Apnara eto taratari service deben ami bhavteo parini also 1 ghontar moddhe oor lappy thik o kore dilen Thanks a lot TechYuga.
Dipti Guha
When my workstation died on me just 2 days before my biggest presentation, I lost all hopes because every technician I asked that if the data can be saved or not they said no data will be lost and few of them who actually can do they charged me so high that I can buy a new laptop with that then one of my friend advised me about TechYuga. I just want to say thank you for fixing my workstation and recovering the data also before all went south. You guys are really good and helpful. And Suman thanks to you specially.
Monodip Chatterjee
I never thought I would find a brand as TechYuga in Kolkata, these guys they just do not say that we do this we do that but they prove their point by actually doing it.  When my laptop crashed I started searching for good technician and in a place it is not easy because many technician change original parts with duplicate cheap Chinese parts even steal parts. However these guys got my sign on every part got a written document on whatever they are taking also gave me a replacement laptop for the time being. And they fixed my laptop in just two days these guys are just terrific.
Abhishek Roy


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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Why should I choose techyuga?

Residing in Kolkata, we have been providing technical support for computer users across the globe. Then why not for our own people? TechYuga is a one stop solution for all your technical issues.

TechYuga engineers are authorized and verified to work in any brand with complete technical expertise.

Get a engineer at your door step:

TechYuga is the first & only In-home professional service provider across the city.

24/7 technical support:

It is not just a dialogue, we truly provide 24/7 technical support for any technical issues with your device (Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Smartphone) via Live chat, E-mail, Phone, Remote support. You can also get instant help/advice for any issue (Eg: its 2:00 AM. Need to finish a project by morning? But can’t login to your e-mail account? Don’t panic. We will be there to help you out)

No Fix No Pay policy:

We are so confident on our technical expertise that we have introduced ‘NO FIX NO PAY’ policy. It means if we cannot resolve your issue you do not have to pay anything. But is there anything that we cannot resolve?

Three months of free support with every repair job:

At TechYuga our clients can relax as they get three months of premium support + complete access to our library completely free with each repair job.

Weekend Availability:

We are the only service provider who serves our clients on weekend, bank holidays as well as national holidays. So no need to make your daily life more hectic as we will visit your place on Sunday when you will be having coffee with your family.

How repairing works at TechYuga?

For software issues:

Most of the software related issues can be fixed at customer’s doorstep. However for some software related issues (exp: installation of new operating system) we prefer to bring your device and fix it in our workshop in order to save time & we do not charge anything for our pick-up & delivery service.

However if you want to serve us at your doorstep, you can get this by going through our ‘per hour’ billing process.

For Hardware issues:

There are three steps we follow in order to fix any hardware issue in an efficient way.

Step 1: Our engineer will visit your place, check your device for any hardware issue (in some cases we may have to bring your device to our workshop in order to give you an accurate cost & time estimation)

Step 2: Once we get final authorization from your end, we can proceed & fix the issue.

Step 3: Your device will be delivered within given time frame & under given cost estimation. And you will get 3 months of additional support (Along with manufacturer warranty) for FREE with every repair job.


How can I get a free checkup service?

You can get Free check up service for any hardware & software related issues by visiting any of our workshop locations. And you can also get free check up for any software related issues via remote access.


Read complete list of FAQs HERE