Why should I choose techyuga?

Residing in Kolkata, we have been providing technical support for computer users across the globe. Then why not for our own people? TechYuga is a one stop solution for all your technical issues.

TechYuga engineers are authorized and verified to work in any brand with complete technical expertise.

Get a engineer at your door step:

TechYuga is the first & only In-home professional service provider across the city.

24/7 technical support:

It is not just a dialogue, we truly provide 24/7 technical support for any technical issues with your device (Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Smartphone) via Live chat, E-mail, Phone, Remote support. You can also get instant help/advice for any issue (Eg: its 2:00 AM. Need to finish a project by morning? But can’t login to your e-mail account? Don’t panic. We will be there to help you out)

No Fix No Pay policy:

We are so confident on our technical expertise that we have introduced ‘NO FIX NO PAY’ policy. It means if we cannot resolve your issue you do not have to pay anything. But is there anything that we cannot resolve?

Three months of free support with every repair job:

At TechYuga our clients can relax as they get three months of premium support + complete access to our library completely free with each repair job.

Weekend Availability:

We are the only service provider who serves our clients on weekend, bank holidays as well as national holidays. So no need to make your daily life more hectic as we will visit your place on Sunday when you will be having coffee with your family.


How repairing works at TechYuga?

For software issues:

Most of the software related issues can be fixed at customer’s doorstep. However for some software related issues (exp: installation of new operating system) we prefer to bring your device and fix it in our workshop in order to save time & we do not charge anything for our pick-up & delivery service.

However if you want to serve us at your doorstep, you can get this by going through our ‘per hour’ billing process.

For Hardware issues:

There are three steps we follow in order to fix any hardware issue in an efficient way.

Step 1: Our engineer will visit your place, check your device for any hardware issue (in some cases we may have to bring your device to our workshop in order to give you an accurate cost & time estimation)

Step 2: Once we get final authorization from your end, we can proceed & fix the issue.

Step 3: Your device will be delivered within given time frame & under given cost estimation. And you will get 3 months of additional support (Along with manufacturer warranty) for FREE with every repair job.


How can I get a free checkup service?

You can get Free check up service for any hardware & software related issues by visiting any of our workshop locations. And you can also get free check up for any software related issues via remote access.


What do you support?

We provide complete repair service for Desktops, Laptops, Printers & Smart-phones.


What do you mean by 24/7 technical support?

Our engineers can visit your address from morning 8:00 AM to night 10:00 PM. However our technical experts are available 24*7 & you can get help via Live chat, E- mail & Phone at any time throughout the day.


What is Cost estimation?

In any repair and service work, it is impossible to give you a final billing cost without checking your device. Hence for any hardware or software related issues our engineers check your device in a real time and its help us to give you a rough cost estimation to avoid any kind of miscommunication. In few cases there will be some add on cost may applicable and that will be provided you after your authorization of completion the additional service.(Eg: in order to change the motherboard we need to go through the processor checkup as well as other components & if we find any dispute in it then the service cost may increase but with your kind authorization).


How do I get proper cost estimation?

Our engineers will check your device real time to analyze the issue and will provide you the proper cost estimation according to our cost estimation chart.


How do i get proper time estimation?

Our engineers will check your device in real time to analyze the issue and will provide you the proper time estimation according to our time estimation chart.


What is instant support?

You can get support for any software related issues instantly via remote access. You can also get instant support for any hardware issue by visiting our any workshop locations. However ‘Instant Support’ is limited to check up and resolution of minor issues. For any other time consuming issues we may have to work as per the time estimation given by our engineers end.


Why can’t I get the repair done within 24 hours?

We understand your urgency & importance of your device but in order to provide you quality repair service, we need to work as per the given time estimation.

We always try to get the job done before given time while keeping the quality of service in mind. So have patience & allow us to serve you better.


What happens if you can’t resolve the issue?

There is no issue that we cannot fix, however in some cases, for replacement services (such as keyboards, screens, motherboards, etc.) we need to work as per the availability of the product.

Since we are in partnership with many big suppliers, be rest assure that we will do our best to get the job done.


How hourly billing is done?

In case if you want our engineers to fix your device issues (hardware / software) at your doorstep, you can get it done via going through our hourly billing process. Hourly billing is depend upon the time and service. For more information, check our service chart.


I want hardware issue to be fixed in front of me?

In case if you want our engineers to fix your device issues (hardware / software) at your doorstep, you can get it done via going through our hourly billing process.


Can I request additional technical help to the TechYuga experts in special cases?

Yes you can get help for any technical issues, in some cases you may have to going through our hourly billing process.


How do I complain against my repair job?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can reach us at  9088882229 or you can write at complaints@techyuga.com we will take immediate action to resolve the issues.

Note: Do not call our technical engineers to lodge any complaint as they do not hold the authority to take right action. It is recommended to reach in above contact details in order to get faster response.


What do I get with three months free support?

In three months of free support, one can avail premium support for any software issue with your device. You will get priority support via live chat, phone and e-mail. You will also get unlimited times of remote support.

For desktop and laptop users, you can get 6 months of premium Mcafee anti-virus absolutely free. You can also get premium version of many apps absolutely free from our library.


Why my repair job has been delayed?

We understand your urgency & importance of your device. But in some rare cases your device repair job may get delayed depending on availability of the component, communication with the right department. And if we delay your service for any reason, you will get a notification from our end via e-mail.


What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support, also known as ‘online support’, allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet via remote control. In fact, it’s like watching your computer fix itself! This type of computer support works through ‘desktop sharing’ technology. What this means is that when you ‘log in to our secure online support center’, you can allow a technical support representative to ‘view’ and ‘interact’ with your computer remotely via the Web fixing problems fast.


What qualification does TECHYUGA’s technicians have?

All our technicians are experts in Microsoft Application Trainers, Microsoft Product Specialists, Certified Professionals, Network Administrators and HTML Developers. Every technician has more than 3 years experience in help desk environment. They have also undergone an extensive training course of six months to cater to customer needs and deliver excellent service.


Inspection Charge: 

There is a minimum inspection cost of 250 rupees in case you decline the service after the inspection or our engineer’s visit to your address.


Any other question?

For any other inquiry, just call  +91 9088888835.