A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. – Mahatma Gandhi

“As senior citizens we have a hard time figuring out what our computer is doing. Things as simple as my wife trying to check her email or what to do when something pops up on the screen.  Having your instant help makes a big difference. We really want to thank Avijit for all the help today.”

Celia hurst, France

“Sumon Choudhury of your Support Team has helped me several times in the past, and I have always found him to be very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. His excellent service has always resulted in the quick resolution of my issues, and I want to thank him for that.”

Taylor Shivel, USA

“I have worked with Mr Paswan this past year and I can honestly say he really knows his stuff. He is courteous and friendly and always eager to help. I have referred many clients to Mr Paswan and always receive positive feedback based on his reliability and their satisfaction. Whether it’s networking a small to medium size office or fixing a broken computer, I highly recommend support from techyuga to all my clients”

Michelle Fullmen, UK

“Thanks for you your VERY QUICK response and for train me about SkyPe calls. You saved me a lot of money.  I have told all my friends about your service.

Mahammad Cadra, Norway

“Thanks you so much for fixing my outlook account problem, Sudipto . You people are awesome. “

Concepcion Abril, Spain

“I wanted to write this letter to Arungansu, techyuga expert. He was so nice and patient the whole time I was a in a mess. He calmed me down after almost throwing my laptop out the window. My computer would not let me check my email and I had pop ups everywhere on my screen. I was so relieved when after a short time later he called me back and fixed the problem. I couldn’t believe it!  Arungansu is truly an asset to your organization.”

peter knowlson, Australia 

“I can’t believe that my laptop got a virus the first month I had it. It was so simple for techyuga team to share my computer screen and get the virus out of there. I was so relieved. I was a bit skeptical but she took all my worries away.”

Stirling Patrick, Canada

“I would like to let you know what a great asset you have in your team. I have been a salesman for well over 25 years and have never experienced the help and personal attention she afforded me to this date. Priya is to be considered a valued member of your team and well worth her keep.”

Marit stokke, Netherlands 

“Linda explained everything very well. She is a beautiful person! I ask a lot of silly questions and linda took time to answer them all so I could understand better.”

Vanessa Ely, Austria

“thank you so much, sonu for installing anti virus in my computer and for teaching me how to work with google drive. May god bless you.

Fanny Tetu, France

“Hey priya, i would like to thank you for your patience and how to clean up my PC. My PC is a lot faster now. It acts a brand new computer.”

Micheal Boyd, USA

“I was thinking about buying a new computer. But no more. Thanks to techyuga. “

Patricia brace, New Zealand 

“Thank you so very much for your excellent tech support. You are the only company i know, which really provide 24/7 technical support.  You won’t believe, i called techyuga at night 2 AM, when i was preparing for a presentation and my computer screen became blue suddenly. And these guys resolved my problem only in few mins.”


“These guys are real deal.”

Stirling Patrick, USA

“Thanks for your eBooks. It helped me a lot.”

Teresa Ann Barnet, Poland